Kent World Custard Pie Championship

Where: Coxheath, Kent outisde the Village Hall
When: A Summer Sunday, usually in May or June
Time: From noon


For over 40 years the villagers of Coxheath in Kent have organised an annual custard-pie throwing competition, though sometimes the event has been held at alternative venues. Teams of four stand 8 feet apart and hurl their pies at the opposition in heats, with points awarded for accuracy of aim and deducted for misses. The judges also award extra points for technique and costumes. Real custard isn’t the right consistency and the stickier substitute used is a secret formula so don’t eat it just in case…

Helpful Hints

The date and location of this event are a little variable, though Coxheath is recognised as the home of custard pie throwing. It’s often held in May or June but because of all the Jubilee and Olympics related events, in 2012 it was held on Saturday 22nd September at the Stile Bridge Pub  on Staplehurst Road in Marden and celebrity duo Rory McGrath and Will Mellor took part.

In 2018 it will be on Saturday 2nd June.

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