Swaton World Egg Throwing Championships

Where: Swaton, Lincolnshire at Thorpe Latimer Park on the B1394 Helpringham Road
When: Last Sunday in June
Time: From 10am.


Teams of two people stand 30 feet apart and take turns to pass a raw egg to each other; if the egg survives unbroken they must move further apart and throw again. This process continues until the egg is smashed, the distance is recorded and at the end of the competition the couple who threw the egg sucesfully over the greatest distance wins. There is also a target competition and an infernal egg-hurling trebuchet and the not-to-be-missed Russian Egg Roulette challenge, in which competitors choose eggs to smash against their foreheads. One egg out of the box of six will be raw while the others are hardboiled so it’s nevitable that one challenger will end up with egg literally on face. Egg-spect (sorry-couldn’t resist it) around 300 competitors all wearing the stylish orange waterproofs and goggles provided by the organisers.

Helpful Hints

It’s part of Swaton Vintage Day which is a charity fundraising event featuring lots of vintage vehicles, music, childrens entertainments and more.

In 2018 it will be on Sunday June 30th.

Click here for the event website : http://www.swatonvintageday.com/

Photo by Pietro Izzo.

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