Witcham World Pea Shooting Championships

Where: Witcham, Cambs on the Village Green
When: 2nd Saturday in July
Time: Noon


The noble art of pea-shooting is celebrated each July on the village green at Witcham in Cambridgeshire. Competitors must aim at a target one foot in diameter and surfaced with putty so that the peas stick in place upon impact; standing twelve feet away from the target, players are known to use laser sights on their shooters for accurate aim! Peas are provided by the organisers and the best of their five shots is recorded ; a series of knockout rounds is followed by semi-finals and grand final with trophies for the winners. This event has a pedigree going back thirty years.

Helpful Hints

It’s part of the village fete so there are plenty of other stalls and entertainments. If you want to enter the competition, registration starts at noon, costing £2 for adults.

In 2018 it will be on Saturday 14th July.

Click here for the event website: http://www.witcham.org.uk

Photo by Mick  Dolphin.

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