Wigan World Pie Eating Championships

Where: Wigan, Lancs at Harry's Bar on Wallgate
When: Mid December - date varies but often a Wednesday
Time: Noon



The World Pie Eating Championships take place at Harry’s Bar in Wigan around the middle of December. The winner is the person who manages to eat a standard pie fastest – the pies are 12cm diameter and 3.5 cm deep, with a beef and potato filling and the current World Record stands at 23.53 seconds, achieved by Martin Appleton Clare on 12th December 2012. The winner receives a free lunch and a trophy. Before 2006 the competition took place over a set time and the winner was the competitor who ate the most pies during that time – the rules were altered to meet government healthy eating guidelines!

Helpful Hints

In some years there is a special vegetarian competition for those who don’t want to eat the meat pies! Competitors must register before the competition but can do this on the same day at the bar.

The date is announced not all that far in advance, so check back near the time it’s due, but it’s always around the second or third week of December (double-check with the venue as it can be subject to change). Β In 2017 it was on Wednesday 20th at Pie Noon!

Click here for the website: http://www.harrysbarwigan.com/#!

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