Marshwood World Stinging Nettle Eating Championship

Where: Formerly at The Bottle Inn, Marshwood, near Crewkerne, Dorset
When: Formerly a weekend in June -See "helpful hints" below.
Time: Formerly Noon onwards


The hour-long contest at The Bottle Inn used to take place every June on the Saturday preceding the Summer Solstice, but the 2012 event took place in August and 2013 in July. Competitors chewed their way through nettle leaves  and most gave up or faced disqualification (vomiting was forbidden) before the end. It’s one of those modern tradtions started off in a pub, dating back to the 1980s and the organisers provided the raw materials of 2-foot lengths of nettle stalk from which all leaves must be consumed. The winner was the contestant who has stripped and eaten the leaves from the greatest number of stalks – simple but not easy given that the leaves sting and cause tongues to swell and blacken. There was live music and a festival atmosphere.

Helpful Hints

In 2016 it was on Saturday June 18th -in 2017 it should have been on 24th but with the pub closed this isn’y going to happen. Unless I hear to the contrary, I conclude that for now at least the event has lapsed.

Double-check with the event website as it depends on a good supply of nettles!

Click here for the Bottle’s website :

From George at the Bottle Inn :

Our e-mail address is or direct call on 01297 678484 and yes there will be no problem for campers”.

Please note that has no connection with the organisation of this event. As with all of the events featured on our site, we recommend checking details with the event organisers prior to making any travel plans.

Photo by RNE.

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