Fenny Bentley World Toe Wrestling Championship

Where: Fenny Bentley, Derbyshire at the Bentley Brook Inn
When: Saturday or Sunday in May, June or July or even August!
Time: 12 noon


The noble art of toe-wrestling started in the 1970s with the idea that here was a sport in which Britons could excel…then a Canadian won the first competition! As it hasn’t yet been accepted as an Olympic sport, to win the championship is to reach the highest point of the art. Competitors sit on the floor and lock big toes, then attempt to wrestle their opponent’s foot over onto the wooden arena. Local celebrity toe-wrestlers can be expected to put on a good show – the winner is the best of three in heats until the champion is declared.

Helpful Hints

All entrants must pass a foot inspection and must be over 18. Entry costs £2 and money raised is given to charity.

It’s usually in early June (though sometimes in May).In 2017 it will be held later in the year, on Saturday 19th August.

Click here for the event website : http://bentleybrookinn.co.uk

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