Santon Bridge World’s Biggest Liar Contest

Where: Santon Bridge, Cumbria at the Bridge Inn
When: A Thursday in mid-November
Time: 7pm


Winner 2013 "Monkey Liar"

Former Wasdale pub landlord Will Ritson was a teller of tall tales and each year a competition is held in his memory, to see who can follow in his footsteps and produce a plausible but untrue and entertaining story with a time limit of five minutes. There will be outrageous lies and plenty of beer from Jennings, the brewers who organise the event. Politicians and lawyers are classed as professionals in the field and are barred from competing…. Expect lots of laughs, some Cumbrian dialect which may be incomprehensible to you depending on where you hail from, and a few cracks at local politicians.

Helpful Hints

Mendacity is a must for participants but anyone can go to be entertained; tickets may purchased from Jennings in advance (it’s always a sell-out). You also get fed before the competition starts – a traditional Cumbrian Tattie Pot supper in 2013 which was delicious and includes lamb and black pudding (vegetarian lasagne was also available on request). There’s a Jennings beer named after the competition and John recommends it! The contest is held in the large function room to the rear of the pub and it can fit in around 120 visitors.

In 2017 it was on Thursday 16th November – 2018 date is yet to be announced.

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