Willaston World Worm Charming Championship

Where: Willaston, Cheshire at the Willaston County Primary School
When: Late Saturday in June
Time: 1pm


The World Worm Charming Championship is held on a Saturday late each June at Willaston County Primary School in Cheshire and dates back to 1980. Where else would you get a group of people of all ages competing to extract the maximum number of worms out of a patch of soil? Three metre square plots are available from which to entice the creatures within the space of half an hour – the record is over 500 worms. Various techniques are used including vibrating the ground by sticking implements into it, playing or making music and  patting the soil; it’s against the rules to import worms in from outside and digging is not allowed. Prizes are awarded for the single heaviest specimen ( a silver worm trophy) as well as for the largest quantity (gold worm trophy) – all participating worms are released back into the wild afterwards.

Helpful Hints

Plots may be booked in advance – they cost £5 each (see website for details).

In 2017 it was on Saturday 24th June – 2018 date is yet to be confirmed.

Clcik here for the event website : http://www.wormcharming.com/index.html

and here for the School : http://www.willastonprimaryacademy.co.uk

Photo by Lois Lindemann.

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