Abram Morris Dance

Where: Abram, Lancashire at the Morris Dancers Ground at the end of Park Lane
When: Last Saturday in June
Time: 11am


Abram Morris Dancers are the only side in the country to perform in a circular formation, a style which is believed to be considerably older than the more common processional style used by others. Their annual day of celebrations in June is held to perpetuate their right to the Morris Dancers Ground in the village, which has been restored by them in recent times.” A plot of land in Park Lane, 20 yards long by 16 wide, is fenced round and known as the Morris Dancers’ ground. The enclosure was originally taken from the waste, and the generally received opinion in the neighbourhood is that if Morris Dancing be not celebrated once in twenty years, the right to the land lapses. To this belief the custom probably owes its preservation.” From The Memorials of Abram by John Leyland, 1882. The dance was revived during the 1980s after a lapse of many years and is now a well established date in the local calendar.

Helpful Hints

The dancers tour local villages of Bickershaw, Hindley and Platt Bridge as well as performing “at home” . After the dancing a Lancashire Night follows at the Community Centre.

In 2018 it will be held on Saturday 30th June.

Click here for the website : http://www.abram-morris-dancers.org.uk/

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