Ambleside Rushbearing

Where: Ambleside, Cumbria - town centre
When: 1st Saturday in July
Time: 2.30 from the Primary School in Vicarage Road


Ambleside Rushbearing

The Rushbearing at Ambleside is a traditional religious ceremony, associated with the replacing of floor rushes in the church; such ceremonies are now rare and the one at Ambleside is a popular community event. Flower-covered variously-shaped rush structures called Bearings are paraded through the town to the accompaniment of a brass band; once the Market Place is reached, the Bearings are raised in the air and the Ambleside Rushbearing Hymn is sung before the procession carries on to St Mary’s Church by about 3.15. Gingerbread is distributed after the short church service, and there are childrens sports and a Fell Race later in the day.

Helpful Hints

Parking in the centre is limited – try for one of the car parks on the edge.

In 2018 the event will take place on Saturday 7th July.

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