Banbury Hobby Horse Festival

Where: Formerly Banbury, Oxon - town centre
When: Formerly 1st Sunday in July
Time: Formerly 12 noon until 4pm


Every October the town of Banbury is overrun by an influx of unusual equines and their companions – the hobby horses have come to town! This is a relatively recent custom celebrating the ancient hobby horse of lore and legend; around 40 horses travel from all over the country to take part. You can expect plenty of morris dancing, capering and neighing. Performances take place all around town over the weekend, and there are stalls and further entertainments at the Park. The event used to be over a weekend in July, but has now merged with Banbury Folk Festival in the autumn.

Helpful Hints

From 2016 Hobby Horses are part of the Folk Festival in October rather than having a separate event during July as formerly. In 2017 this will be on 6th-8th October.

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