Bodmin Beating the Bounds & Hurling

Where: Bodmin, Cornwall starting at the Priory Carpark with Hurling at the Salting Pool just North of Callywith
When: April or May every 5 years
Time: 8.45am onwards with Hurling at 5.30


Beating the Bounds takes place every five years at Bodmin and this involves an 18 mile walk around the parish boundaries, followed by the throwing of a silver ball into the Salting Pool to be recovered for a cash prize, and a traditional Cornish Hurling match. Beating the Bounds customs took place in the past to check the parish and property boundaries and to ensure the neighbours didn’t encroach on land that wasn’t rightfully theirs and they are often associated with Ascension Day; at Bodmin the participants walk around the boundary in springtime, usually April or May. Hurling is the Cornish sport where a group of players pursue a small silver-covered ball to set goals at well-known locations, and play can be fast and furious.The event is organised by the local Rotary Club and participants are often sponsored to raise money for charity.

Helpful Hints

All ages of folk are welcome but dogs aren’t allowed on the walk.

In 2015 it took place on Wednesday 8th April – 2020 date is yet to be announced.

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