Abingdon Election of the Mayor of Ock Street

Where: Abingdon, Oxon at Ock Street
When: Saturday nearest June 19th
Time: From 10am with elections at 4.


Mayor in Chair

Ock Street is situated in Abingdon and each year a mock-Mayor is elected by its residents; he has no powers or official duties and acts as the Squire of the local Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers. The election is a great excuse for a day of performing and ale-quaffing; dancing begins at 10am with the elections at 4pm followed by the newly elected Mayor being ceremonially chaired through the streets. Further festivities culminate with the last dances in the Market Place around 9pm; morris sides from around the country are invited to participate. A pair of ox-horns on a pole are carried by the dancers – they date back to 1700 and the men won’t dance without them; the horns and other regalia including a wooden cup are associated with the founding of the Abingdon Traditional Morris Side and their ancient rivalry with the Vineyard men from the town centre.

Helpful Hints

Ock Street is a continuation of the High Street and the election takes place outside the Brewery Tap pub.

In 2017 it was on Saturday 17th June – 2018 date is yet to be confirmed but will probably be 15th.

Click here for the website : http://www.abingdonmorris.org.uk/index1.htm

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