Gittisham Tip Toe Day / Tiptoeing

Where: Gittisham, Devon in village centre
When: Shrove Tuesday
Time: 4pm onwards


Tip Toeing is the name given to a house-visiting custom held every Shrove Tuesday in the village of Gittisham in Devon. After a legendary tea provided by the local WI, the children of the village call at houses chanting “Tip Tip Toe, Tip Tip Toe, Please for a Penny and then we’ll go!” and once their money is collected they move on to the next house. The cash is divided among the children at the end. It’s been a tradition in Gittisham for generations and some believe its origins may lie in a boundary marking custom but no-one knows for sure.

Helpful Hints

Though this event is run for children it isn’t connected to school so always takes place on Shrove Tuesday even when that is during the half term holiday.

In 2018 Shrove Tuesday falls on 13th February.

Exact timing for this event is tricky – it depends how quickly the children wolf down their tea!

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