Great Musgrave Rushbearing

Where: Great Musgrave, Cumbria starting at the Village Institute and ending at St Theobald's Church
When: 1st Saturday in July
Time: 2.15


Church Steps

The Rushbearing custom at Great Musgrave is one of only a handful which still survive; the origins of the custom lie in the days when the church floor would be of beaten earth and rushes were used to cover it, which needed replacing to keep the church fresh. On the first Saturday in July a procession of clergy and children, accompanied by the local band (or sometimes a vehicle with recorded music), makes its way to church adorned with floral garlands . The boys carry crosses and the girls carry crowns, which are kept at the church afterwards until their replacements arrive the following year.

Helpful Hints

The procession begins in the centre of the village at the Institute (next to the parish noticeboard and the bus stop) and folks start gathering at around 2pm. The route goes right down the village street to the church path near the bridge (not down Church Lane which quickly turns into a bridle path).

In 2018 it will be on Saturday July 7th.

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