Grenoside Sword Dance

Where: Grenoside, Yorkshire outside the Old Harrow Inn
When: Boxing Day 26th December
Time: 11am


Grenoside Sword Dancers are a team with records dating back over 150 years and probably much longer. Traditionally they perform on their home turf every Boxing Day with a side of six dancers, accompanied by musicians and a captain. The dancers hold their own sword by the hilt and the tip of the neighbouring dancers sword in the other hand so they form an unbroken chain in a unique dance featuring a ritual “beheading” movement of the captain with interlinked swords. Clogs are worn by the team. They also perform at a range of venues and festivals throughout the year (see website for details). Guest sides also dance on Boxing Day and Yorkshire Carols [link] are sung afterwards.

(Filmed on a very blustery Boxing Day. Apologies for the wind noise — we hope it doesn’t spoil your enjoyment!)

Helpful Hints

Handsworth has a similar tradition [link] as do other dance teams around the country.

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