Halton Souling Play

Where: Halton, Cheshire at the Castle Hotel on Castle Road & the Norton Arms on Main Street
When: Late October - early November
Time: 7pm onwards


The Halton Souling play is a revival from the year 2000 of the ancient Cheshire tradition of Souling or Soulcaking , which is a hero/combat mumming play involving the revival of a combatant by the Doctor, but with the addition of a wild hobby horse. The Halton group are the Earl of Stamford Morris side; they start their performances at the end of October at pubs in the surrounding villages and in Halton itself, usually performing on All Souls Day at home.

Helpful Hints

The team usually performs at weekends and often on November 2nd itself-see website link near the time for full schedule. Details given in the table are for performances at  Halton itself.

Click here for the event website : http://www.earlofstamford.org.uk/Souling/

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