Canterbury Hop Hoodening

Where: Canterbury, Kent at the Cathedral & Precincts
When: 2nd Saturday in September
Time: 10.30am with service in the Quire of the Cathedral at 11am



Hop Hoodening is the Kentish harvest festival featuring the traditional Hooden Horse, a hobby-horse with snapping jaws. There is a special service at Canterbury Cathedral, preceded by a procession around the precincts. Expect morris men accompanied by the Hooden Horses and lots of hops from the local harvest. The  Hop Queen will arrive amidst a bower constructed of hop-bines and everyone makes their way into the Cathdedral with the exception of the horses (because they are pagan!?). During the service the morris men dance in front of the altar and appropriate hymns are sung. Afterwards there’s plenty more dancing around town.

Helpful Hints

In 2018 it will be on Saturday 8th September.

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Photo by kewing.

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