London John Stow Memorial Service

Where: London at St Andrew Undershaft, off Leadenhall Street
When: April 5th or near date - every 3 years
Time: 4pm in 2017 (previously noon)


Every three years a service is held in memory of John Stow, the London antiquary and historian, at St Andrew Undershaft in London. At the service the bust of the antiquary has its quill pen replaced with a fresh one (it’s the only part of the monument which isn’t made of stone) and thanks are given for Stowe’s life and work. The event is organised by the Merchant Taylor’s Company. This is often reported as an annual custom but research shows this is no longer the case.

Helpful Hints

The service is open to all, lasts about an hour and takes place on Monday 24th April 2017.

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