London Bridge Sheep Drive

Where: London Bridge (from both sides)
When: A Sunday in late September
Time: 10 am to 5 pm


Sheep Drive

In the old days, the right to exemption from tolls when crossing London Bridge was an important privilege of the Freemen of the City of London. An obvious way of demonstrating this right was the practice of driving livestock over the bridge, particularly sheep, as the woollen industry was a significant part of the wealth of the country. Sheep drives have been a part of the rights of the Freemen for centuries and irregular demonstrations have occurred for hundreds of years. Nowadays the Woolmen’s Company organise an annual sheep drive to raise money for charity in late September. Freemen may book a time on the dedicated website and flocks of sheep with the Freemen and guests cross the bridge at regular intervals through the day. There are prizes for the best dressed participants so expect plenty of finery!

Helpful Hints

In 2017 it took place on Sunday 24th September- 2018 date is yet to be announced.

There is also an associated fair with a sheep and wool theme at Monument.

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