Marhamchurch Revel

Where: Marhamchurch, Cornwall near the church
When: Monday after 12th August
Time: All day - Parade 2.30


Crowning by Father Time

St Morwenna’s founding of the village is celebrated every August at Marhamchurch near Bude. The Saint lived in  Cell near the church and it is on this site that the locally elected Queen of the Revel is crowned by Father Time (whose real identity is kept secret, like Santa). After the coronation, the Queen leads a procession on horseback to the Revel Ground where there are entertainments which may include Cornish wrestling, fancy dress competitions, dancing and Cornish food; she traditionally rides a white pony (though when we went in 2014 it was a piebald) and is followed by her attendants on foot. Posies are on sale at a very reasonable cost and add an air of festivity to the onlookers.

Helpful Hints

Tasty cream teas will be on sale – highly recommended.

In 2017 it will be on Monday 14th August.

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