Sutton: Mary Gibson’s Mausoleum Inspection

Where: Sutton, London at St Nicholas'Church
When: 12th August
Time: 1pm


Every 12th August for nearly 200 years, Mary Gibson’s Mausoleum has been inspected in the churchyard of St Nicholas’ in Sutton (formerly in Surrey but now in London). She left a bequest in her will to pay for the annual visit by the Rector and for him to check for necessary repairs. This ceased for some years due to health and safelty concerns and a distinct lack of enthusiasm on the part of the vicar (thanks to Paula Gerrard for finding this out!) BUT from 2015 it was revived with a new incumbent (and thanks to Ross Parish for this news!) and is once again a feature on the calendar of unusual events. Let’s hope the revival gathers momentum to keep this curious ritual alive for future visitors to experience.

Helpful Hints

If you walk seven times around the mausoleum, a ghost comes out of the urn on the roof… don’t say I didn’t warn you..

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