Sherborne Pack Monday Fair and Teddy Roe’s Band

Where: Sherborne, Dorset - town centre
When: Monday after 10th October & the Sunday night preceding for Teddy Roe's Band
Time: Band: Midnight on Sunday, Fair: from 9 am on Monday


The name of the annual fair at Sherborne in Dorset is believed to derive from the fifteenth century masons finishing work in the magnificent Abbey in the town, who packed up their tools and celebrated to mark the end of their task. Certainly the event has been a fixture in the town’s calendar for hundreds of years. Today the huge fair has a wide variety of stalls selling everything from foodstuffs to toys, and a funfair, but the unique aspect which marks it out from other autumnal fairs around the UK is Teddy Roe’s Band. At midnight on the Sunday just before the fair starts, a parade makes its way around the streets, loudly banging pans and lids, whistling and generally making a cacophany fit to wake the dead. Named after the foreman of the Abbey workmen, Teddy Roe’s band was suppressed for many years due to its rowdiness but is once more well established as the real start of the fun! Originally the fair was held at Michaelmas, but when the calendar was altered, the fair date moved into October and has stayed there ever since.

Helpful Hints

In 2018 the fair will be held on Monday 15th October with Teddy Roe’s Band at midnight on Sunday  14th.