The Gate to Southwell Procession

Where: Formerly Nottingham in the Old Market Square and Southwell Main Street and Minster
When: Formerly Saturday in early to mid- June (usually)
Time: Formerly 8.30 at Nottingham, 5pm at Southwell Minster


The Gate to Southwell was a modern revival (established over 30 years) of a custom dating back to 1109 involving the Southwell Pence. This was  a sum of money collected from the nearby parishes to fund a new church : Southwell Minster.A  procession with dancing was established as a Whitsuntide fund raising excercise. A purse of old money was handed over at the start of the day by the Lord Mayor as the contribution from the city and money was raised for charity before the cash was handed over  at the end of the day in a wooden collection bowl. It began in the centre of Nottingham and ended at Southwell with the procession passing through Sneinton and Burton Joyce and numerous pubs and villages on the way. There was copious  morris dancing from several sides, music and merriment, speech making, banners and a short service at the Minster (approx fifteen minutes).

Helpful Hints

It was held on a Saturday  in early to  mid June and  organised by Dolphin Morris (see link below).

In 2014 it was on Saturday June 7th and this was the last year it took place….unless it gets revived again! The name will live on in the Gate to Southwell Folk Festival.

Many followers hopped in and out of cars over the course of the day though some chose to follow on foot. The full timetable could be found on the Dolphin Morris website – approximate timing for Sneinton was 9.30, Burton Joyce 10.30, Lowdham 11.30 – 1pm, Bleasby 3.30. Afterwards everyone was welcome to retire to the Bramley Apple pub in Southwell to recover!

Click here for the Dolphin Morris website :

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