Winchester Wayfarers’ Dole

Where: Winchester, Hampshire - St Cross Hospital Porters Lodge off the B3335
When: Every day
Time: Any time (but I expect you'll be most welcome during opening hours!)


The Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty is one of the oldest charitable institutions in the UK and dates back to the early twelfth century;  the Brethren of the almshouses still wear medieval-style uniforms in red or black (though I expect their accomodation is more luxurious today then at the foundation!). The Wayfarers Dole is given upon request to any traveller and consists of a small measure of beer and some bread – ask for it at the Porters Lodge.

Helpful Hints

The Hospital is open to the public (see link below) for a modest charge and souvenirs are also available.

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