Lewes World Pea Throwing Championships

Where: Lewes, Sussex at the Lewes Arms in Mount Place , off the High Street
When: 1st (or very occasionally 2nd) Sunday in October
Time: 2.30pm -ish onwards


If you’re no good at pea-shooting, you might like to try throwing the legumes instead. Every October at Lewes, the World Championship of this little-known sport takes place at the Lewes Arms pub in Lewes, Sussex. Contestants throw 3 peas each down Castle Ditch Lane next to the pub and the winner is the one whose pea travels the furthest – rolling along the ground counts, as well as when the veg is airborne. When peas vanish down gratings, the contestant gets a free second attempt. Frozen peas are provided by the organisers, but of course they melt during the competition. The whole thing lasts around an hour and the record distance so far achieved is 44 metres! The World Pea Throwing Championship is a relatively new custom, established in the 1990s.

Helpful Hints

Contact details for the event are on the website link below . It costs £2.50 for adults and £1 for children.

In 2017 it was held earlier in the year on July 22nd. I’ll be checking in plenty of time for 2018 to see if the move to July is permanent or if it’s back to October.

Click here for the venue website: http://lewesarms.co.uk

Photo by Duncan C.

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