World Walking the Plank Championships

Where: Formerly Queenborough, Kent at the Harbour
When: Formerly A Sunday in August
Time: Formerly Afternoon at High Tide


Competitors in the annual Walking the Plank Championships had to perform to the crowd before jumping from the Salty Sea Pig, a ship moored in Queenborough Harbour crewed by a gang of pirates. They were interrogated by the Captain, trading insults before mock combat and the walking of the plank itself. Judges also considered costume, style and suitable pirate language used whilst making their deliberations. This event was  held for 13 years from the mid 1990s and raised money for charity.

Helpful Hints

The exact time varied with the tide – there’s a window of around an hour when the water is considered deep enough.

Following problems with behaviour of a minority, the competition is now cancelled.

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Photo by Nicholas Blake.

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